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Michael's Bakery History
Mike Nargi Sr.
Mike Nargi Jr.
Cape Cod Bite Company ®
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"Unbelievable flavor!! My family loved them. They are so easy to make and they taste like I made them myself!!"...Kristen V.
Mike Nargi Sr. Founded Michael's Bakery in 1946
All of his recipes have been handed down from generation to generation
Mike "Mikie" Nargi Jr. has been in the bakery 
business his entire life. He perfected the Cinnamon Bite and still makes them every day.
    ​Cape Cod Bite Company is an Expansion of Michael's Bakery of East Hartford Ct. and was founded to provide the Exceptional Products of Michael's to areas outside Ct.
     Now through Cape Cod Bite Company, you can enjoy the time honored recipies that have been handed down from generation to generation.
     Our products are hand made and shipped frozen. They are then shipped as a frozen dough log. Just cut the amount you need, Thaw, Bake and Enjoy!!! No Prep!! No Mess!! Also Available Baked!! Just Thaw and Serve
    Michael's Bakery was founded in 1946 by Michael Nargi Sr. in Hartford, CT. In 1950, the bakery was moved to 912 Main St. East Hartford, Ct. where it still remains today. The bakery was operated by Mike's 5 boys, Mikie, Jimmy, Leo, David, and Billy.
    Michael's Bakery is "The Little Bakery with the Big Reputation". People would come from all over New England and New York to buy the delicious products from Michael's. 
    Our Pastry Recipes have been handed down from generation to generation and are proudly still hand made the way they were when Mike Sr. first opened in 1946.