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Cape Cod Bite Company ®
 Cape Cod,MA 
Cape Cod Bite Company
​Call Us at 860-983-4107
"Some of the best pastries I have ever tasted. There is a reason that this recipe has been handed down from generation to generation!!".....Kerri P.
Thaw and Bake Product
            Cinnamon Bite!!
    Cape Cod Bite Company is an expansion of Michael's Bakery of East Hartford, CT, a family owned and operated business since 1946.
      We are  proud to now offer our time honored products in the frozen, Pre-Baked form to you, through Cape Cod Bite Company. Bites are shipped frozen as a dough log. Just Thaw, Bake, and Enjoy!! No Prep, No Mess!
     ​Coming Soon!!!
 Apple Cinnamon Bites
Our Famous Cinnamon Bites will keep you
coming back for more. The Perfect Cinnamon Treat!!
 Cinnamon Bites with added Raspberry Flavor. 
  A great combination!!
An age old recipe that will melt in your mouth!!
The Best 
New England taste
 can now be brought to your home! 
Also Available already Baked!!              Just thaw and serve!!